Rent villa or stay in hotel?


womenYou have decided to holiday in Bali. There many types of accommodation to choose from. Starting with luxury hotels, private villas, budget apartments and affordable homes near the beach. Because of the varying standards and quality in Bali such a choice may not be easy. This is where we can help you to find and make a choice so your stay in Bali is a memorable one for the right reasons. We are here and we know Bali this is our home.

Our company focuses on individual fulfillment. During our time, we had learned some specifics of the rental market, and have draw some conclusions: If you choose to relax with your family and is located on Bali Island and is for less than 14 nights, our optimal recommendation from a budget point of view is a staying in a hotel. Specialty selection of hotels in Bali is very high, the cost per room for two, starts at $ 30-50 a day, when it comes to budget accommodation. A good quality 4 or 5 star hotel can be $100 to $150 per room for two people per nite.

If you are 4 or more people and decide to holiday in Bali we recommend to consider a private villa. For a long time the belief that living in private residences in Bali is only for wealthy tourists, but that’s not so now. With the active development of tourism on the island, and the inflow of foreign investment in recent years have led to a construction boom in private villas and availability to rent has increased many times, which has had an impact on rental rates. At the moment, the average rental rates for high-quality private villas are in the range: $ 150-300 for a 1 bedroom, with options for $ 250-500 2 bedrooms, $ 300-700 with 3 bedrooms. For large companies we have a large selection of 4, 5, 6 or even 9 bedroom residences. For corporate events the opportunity to rent a few houses in the complex or the complex completely, which will provide up to a total of 80-100 rooms.

The advantages of private residences are obvious:

  • Private Pool (pools generally are not fenced)
  • Fully equipped kitchens, dining and barbecue areas
  • Personal butler
  • Absolute privacy
  • Can included a personal chef and a driver with a car
  • Fully serviced, internet, satellite tv

This has led to private residences in Bali is growing in popularity among tourists from Europe, Australia and Asia. Many, who experience at least once in a private residences, do not consider hotel stay again. Their choice is straightforward rent a villa in Bali. Our compatriots are also beginning to discover this kind of recreation. Bali Booking our company will help you make the right choice. Do the sums you may be pleasantly surprised.

Each of our proposals for the lease checked by us personally, we ensure compliance with descriptions and photos that you see, and a high level of service maintenance. And in addition to a lovely stay at the villa, we offer our warm personal Russian service, which is our hallmark. This service is available throughout your stay. And we are pleased to know that many of our customers, we still maintain friendly relations and recommend us as professional.

What are the options for accommodation in Bali and what distinguishes them from each other?
The answer:

Private pool - + / - - +
Community pool - + / - + + / -
Air conditioning in the bedroom - + + +
Air conditioning in the living room - - + +
Fan + + - +
Safe - - + +
Security - + / - + +
TV - + / - + +
DVD - + / - + / - +
Music system - - + / - +
Kitchen - + / - - +
Lounge - + / - + / - +
Laundry - - + +
Sunbeds - + / - + +
Shift of clothes + / - + + +
Staff (maids) - + / - + +
Personal Chef - - - + / -
Car with driver - - - + / -
Manager - - - +
Individual service - - - +
Transfers - - + / - +
Estimated cost
based on double occupancy:
20$ / night 2000$ / month 150$ / night 200$ / night

* We prefer to place customers in hotels and villas.
Accommodation in houses and bungalows we do not advise. This is due to the low quality of environment and the services of these categories of accommodation.